In December last year a group of female artists in Newcastle met to share practice, material and ideas around montage.
During the day Catrin cut up my postcard of 'The Arnolfini Portrait'.

Subsequently Catrin performed a piece of work in Alan’s house on the street running down to the sea which I also live on. The performance took the form of a conversation between a female Roman wall painter, El Lissitzky, and Kurt Schwitters. Alan’s house is full of artefacts and material as well as his own paintings, which together perform and invite their own dialogue around architecture and us within it. After the event, Alan gave me a postcard of Edward Hopper’s painting ‘Rooms by the Sea’ which I put on a wall in our house.

Having asked Catrin if she had the bit of postcard which she had cut up I found I had a portion of it myself, and realised that actually it is from ‘The Magdalene Reading’ by Rogier van Der Weyden. This painting is itself a fragment of a larger painting. Through the window in the background you can see a river or canal.